Do you care for good quality code?

As a professional web developer with more than 17 years of work experience I have worked with all kinds of back-end languages, frameworks and applications. But I specialise in the front-end, especially accessibility and maintainability. I have expert skills in cross-browser compatible, semantic and accessible HTML and CSS. (I know, unfortunately everyone claims that.)

I like to code by hand in a flexible and modular way, so that mobile and responsive designs are easy to implement and the code gets more maintainable and easier to integrate. I love to work in an agile way, collaborating with designers who can use me as a "tool" rather than Photoshop to implement a design directly into code and I prefer to put that code directly into the back-end myself without the need to build dumb templates beforehand.

I care a lot about good quality code and doing things "the right way" and am looking only for companies which share the same passion.